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Melanie Sands

"Never, never, NEVER give up!" (Winston Churchill)

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have" (Th. Roosevelt)

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Work in Progress: 

  • "The Vicomte Makes Irish Stew and other stories" sixth book
  • "Surprise" short film
  •  "Oil and Canvas" short film
  • "Secret Meeting" short film
  • "Jennifer's House" short film
  • "The Second Mrs. Granville" short film
  •  Paintings for "The Kitsch Kollekshone" painting exhibition
  •  Audiobook recording for my first book, "Libusa Goes To Greece"



  • "Libusa goes to Greece and other stories"  first book
  • "The Return of the Vicomte and other stories" second book
  • "The Vicomte Strikes Back! and other stories" third book
  • "The Vicomte Takes a Holiday and other stories" fourth book
  • "The Vicomte and the Haunted Castle and other stories" fifth book

Short Films:


  • "After the Beep", short film
  • "Talking about Mrs. Cassel" short film
  • "Lettere a un Ragazzo Dimenticato" short film
  •  "Sleepless in Wakeup Street" short film
  • "Ada" short film
  • "Answering Machine" short film

Future Projects:

  • "Lina" feature film about twin sisters separated during a storm
  • Music clip, sung, filmed and created by me



Check out my artwork website!

Check out, my artwork website!

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Melanie Sands and Holby City's Amanda Mealing during filming in Luzern

Here I am looking very fat and exhausted next to beautiful Amanda Mealing of BBC's TV Series "Holby City. Like 90% of the world's actors, being creative AND having a day job is hard work!