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My stories, scripts, magazine column "Sands' Life" and articles
I write scripts, plays and short stories, and had my own column "Sands Life" in the central Swiss AHA Lifestyle Magazine from Jan - June '98, pictured below.

Ich schreibe Drehbuecher, Stuecke und Kurzgeschickten, und hatte meine eigene Kolumne "Sands Life" im AHA Lifestyle magazine, groesste Zeitschrift der Zentralschweiz. (siehe Fotos unten)

Guest column in the Rigianzeiger, 6. May 2011

City Life, the newspaper created entirely by me and my husband

This monthly paper published 32'000 copies each edition, was financed by advertisements, and informed Luzern and the suburbs of entertainment in the region. It was the first newspaper to be printed in Luzern using the offset-print system.

Diese monatliche Zeitung hatte eine Auflage con 32'000, wurde durch Inserate finanzhiert, informierte Luzern und Umgebung ueber Unterhaltung in der Region, und war die erste Zeitung, die in Luzern im Offset-Druck gedruckt wurde.

My own columns in the AHA Lifestyle Magazine
Double-page stories in my "Sands' Life" column
Successful, slightly provocative double-page column
"Sands Life" in the AHA Lifestyle Magazine
My name on the cover of Aha Lifestyle Magazine

The very first column.

Again, my name and cover storiy on the cover of Aha Lifestyle Magazine
The first book I wrote (unpublished and in German!)
A comedy script - unproduced
A script, unproduced

I wanted to produce this film myself, so far have not sufficient funds.

The play "Schachmatt", in German

Actually, C. Hoffman, play-director of the St. Gallen town theatre, and Dorothee Reize, actress, were already rehearsing this play, with a substantial crew working on set design, lighting, etc. and planning to tour a number of Swiss towns. However, the funds they needed failed to materialize, and so this play was put on ice, until everyone had other obligations, so it was never produced. Maybe some day!